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August 12, 2011 Informal Racing  - Results
 4th of July Weekend Challenge - Results & Commentary
2011 J 24 Labor Day Challenge - Results

J24 Labor Day Challenge
Saturday, September 3, 2011


Name Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total Place
Jim Edwards Flashback 4 5 5 DNS 21 5
Tony Godden/Dave Nesbitt More Cowbell 1 1 2 2 6 1
Dave Noble Other Half 3 2 1 1 7 2
Jim Henry/Rochelle Yates J Mouse 5 4 4 4 21 4
Paul Anstey J Peas 2 3 3 3 11 3


Commentary for 4th of July Weekend Challenge

Once again, it was proved that you don’t need many to have a lot, a lot of FUN.
Sunday at MYC was a day of sailing (what else should it be, BBQs and fireworks). The small boats had their regularly scheduled racing and J24 Fleet 87 had its’ make up day for the 4th of July Holiday Weekend Challenge. Since Friday’s scheduled start got rained out, I suggested that we meet Sunday at 5:00 , much to my surprise almost all agreed, only Mischief had other plans and bowed out. OK that left 6 on the line for Sunday.
Sunday 4:30pm I learn JMouse would not make the start and More Cowbell could not find crew, it looked a little grim, but with confirmation, JPeas was on the way and Fine Finish was certain all their crew were going to make it, The Other Half was a body short but certain someone from the crew pool gathered for the Skipper’s Meeting would hop onboard. The race was on. (We left several anxious crew ashore, what a shame)
The RC left a little early to set the course, the Skippers Meeting was held w/o them. Basically, it was said. W/L course, RC will tell you how many laps and lets hurry out so we can get in as many races as possible. Also, it was agreed to sail SOG (Save Our Gennys) - It was 5 up crew with Jibs and Spinnakers,
First Race – SeaBreeze was around 10 knots, sometimes less and sometimes more, but not much more, so there were quite a few lulls that challenged us with the small jibs.
The start went well we were at the RC – favored end maybe a half boat length back so we could have this advantage, we sailed off on stbd pinning the tight fleet. I eventually tacked away because I did not handle a lull as well as the boat, bow out to leeward.. I felt separating was a good thing, but the fleet to the left got a nice port lift and I was forced to cross behind, but now I played the far left and got a better port lift, enabling The Other Half to round the windward mark 3 boatlengths in front of FF. Since this was a one lap race I held my own and sailed to the victory.
Second Race – “Z” flag, what the hell? Four boats and we need a “Z” flag, it did make the RC boat look pretty, an orange flag, a blue and white flag, a flag with an anchor and now a multicolor flag, it looked as if they were in a parade. No need for the “Z” this race, but wait till what happens in the third race. With the left side playing so well last race we will go that way again. Off the line we had good speed but there seemed to be quite a few good shifts (every 60 seconds apart) so we ended up doing quite a few tacks upwind. This was pretty cool being that we were without a compass, we played the shifts well enough and accelerated out of the tacks well enough that we were able to round just in front of JPeas. This time the race was two laps so we did our best to stay between JPeas and the leeward mark, yet remain in a clear breeze. The leeward mark was quite the test of boat and sail handling , we had worked ourselves to the left of the mark (looking downwind) so we needed to raise the Jib, Jibe the spinnaker, do a leeward takedown, Jibe around the mark and trim up for a port tack exit, all staying up above JPeas. Being blanketed by JPeas at the mark made all this look more ugly than it was, but when we got around, the Jib halyard had slipped quite a bit. Drastic means and Drastic measures means lots of yelling by Dave, before we lost too much leeward to JPeas Rick shot forward and in unison with Terry on Jib trim the halyard was hoisted to the proper position and as soon as that was set the crew pulled off a flawless tack to starboard where we could gain an advantage on JPeas. We rounded the windward mark in first but just in front of JPeas. The wind did a major right switch on the previous leg and we were able to reach on home without any threat from JPeas.
Third Race – The right shift of the second race stayed with us, the wind also increased to 12-13knt, the RC needed to reset the Start line, but the Windward mark remained off to the left, straight from the get go I decided the right was the only way to go, first one over would certainly win the 1 lap race. Not only is the “Z” flag flying but RC hoisted the “I” flag too. Now they are just too pretty. We had a nice start going we caused a barger to do a circle, FlashBack was to leeward and bow out. The horn sounds early, Postponement is flying, Now the RC is really, really pretty, and FlashBack is really, really pissed, why the red and white pennant? Yea there is a rain cloud coming our way, but this is what Pat does when he runs races, he throws all that he can at you, so that you are not surprised when “on the road” you come across these things, it also means another start, boy is FlashBack pissed.
Alright here comes the good stuff, The red and white comes down with a horn, to most that would be 1 minute to the 5 minute gun, we sail back and forth watching the rain cloud. The wind is still south, so right is the way I want to go. At 1:30 I pass FF to port they look to have their game face on, I watch intently they are going for the start, perfect start at 1 minute! Remember all those colorful flags, the “I”, the “Z” and I’m there screaming to the RC “they are over, they are over” , I tend to get too excited sometimes. ( I should do something about that). A few moments later the gun another horn and another flag! Individual Recall, is it for us? Nope we know we are good because we did a line site, right guys? Eventually I realize it's for FF who was over one minute ago. We are off on starboard tack, sprinkles are coming down from the storm cloud that is to the left, but I had this idea the wind was still out of the south so I need to go right I tack and take a big dive behind JPeas, I’m now right of all, FF went left after they restarted. FlashBack is now on the right too but we have position. I learned sometime ago you should sail toward the clouds, but I decided not this time, and boy did I pay for it. Both FF and JPeas caught a port lift from the rain cloud that put a football field between us. All I could do now is sail to the mark and whine. We did catch up to JPeas and were doing a good job covering downwind and at one point I thought…. A puff got to them and not us and sealed the deal. FF first, JPeas Second and The Other Half third.
After clean up we all gathered shoreside and questioned the RC what the hell that was all about? I’m sure, we all have now looked up the definition of the Z flag, and now we question what the results are.
Noble - The Other Half (5points) 1,1,3
Tworkowski - Fine Finish (6.8 points) 2,3,1 (20%)
Anstey - JPeas (8 points) 4,2,2
Gates - FlashBack (11 points) 3,4,4


August 12, 2011

Name Boat Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Totals Place
Jim Henry J-Mouse 2 1 1 4 1
Tony Godden More Cowbell 1 2 4 7 2
John Tworkowsky Fine Finish 4 3 4 11 3
Dave Noble Other Half 4 5 3 12 4
Susan Jackson J-Peas 5 4 5 14 5


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